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Our goal is inspire and educate globally through digital products and online resources.

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To Inspire And Educate Every Individual To Live Their Life, Their Way, Without Limits


HashtagYou is built around several core value: the love for one’s self, unity with others and respect for the planet.
With the first in mind our online education and material is based around helping to find a state of clarity, happiness and self love. With the last in mind we pride ourselves on working with more sustainable materials such as organic cotton and British wool, in ethical farming conditions.


HashtagYou has a strong connection within the self-development world and therefore self-belief, self-love and self-awareness (and the sharing of these skills) are deep rooted. In light of that, not only does HashtagYou provide physical products that help further the above, but also the learning tools, motivation and information required. ‘I CAN BECAUSE I BELIVE I CAN’ We are here to help both your emotional and physical mind believe


HashtagYou Clothing offers a variety of physical products including organic affirmation based clothing, high quality organic bags and eco friendly mindset engraved jewellery. Our online education is constantly growing, with material to educate in relation to the mindset and your ability to create a life without limits. This information can be found in the form of blogs, E books and online programmes. I also provide content and links to external resources that I feel is useful within the different topic areas. My aim is to make the growing process as simple as possible with everything under one roof.


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The Founder – Shereen Ahmed

Hashtag Your day

Just a little bit of background information about Hashtag You form the founder herself Shereen Ahmed.

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“Don’t wait for the world to recognize your greatness. live it and let the world catch up to you!”

Gary Ali

“HASHTAG YOU has an entire page dedicated to why customers have chosen them. It’s clean and simple, featuring customers reviews in a “spotlight” format.”

Luis Miyoki

“We love HASHTAG YOU because it has put everything into one place AND the customer service is great! Biggest thing that HASHTAG YOU has given us is TIME.”

Mary Grace

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